Reliable gaming solutions

Together, MSI and Insight provide school esports programs with tools that are:

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Equipped with the latest processors and video cards, MSI hardware meets the performance demands of esports.

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With warranties of up to three years — including on-site security for your systems — you'll have peace of mind.

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Insight and MSI offer schools exclusive esports solutions and services so you can get in the game faster.

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Empowering esports in education

Together, Insight and MSI are your one-stop shop for esports solutions — including computers, monitors and peripherals, all available at competitive prices.

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Illustrious monitors

MSI is a fast growing monitor brand offering a variety of flat, curved, portable and ultra-wide options perfect for casual users, professionals, creators and gamers. Find the screen that you need today.

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From low-profile to full-size towers

MSI desktops offer a variety of options that feature the latest AMD Intel® CPU and NVIDIA® RTX technology, providing the most powerful gaming desktops available in the market and optimized for gaming and broadcasting.

The MSI esports portfolio

Powerful, reliable and customizable, these tools bolster the esports experience:

Get in the game.

Esports solutions from Insight and MSI enhance your school’s extracurricular offerings.

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