Gaming tools that prevent loss

Together, CyberPower and Insight provide school esports programs with tools that are:


CyberPower battery backups are designed to act as an insurance
policy for your gaming equipment
and accessories.


Sine wave output for gaming power supplies with Active PFC allows
you to stay connected
to the competition.


Capable of fixing minor power fluctuations without switching
to battery power with Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR).

Empowering esports in education

Together, Insight and CyberPower equip teams with esports solutions that safeguard their gaming setup from unexpected shutdowns and power interruptions.

The CyberPower portfolio 

Explore high-power battery backups that can protect and strengthen your gaming systems.

The solutions you need 

Discover how esports solutions from Insight and CyberPower can help your school stay in the game. 

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