Equip your students for the win. 

Insight, Joy Systems and DMG help schools succeed with esports solutions that are:

High speed gaming PC


With refurbished PCs, you'll
enjoy robust gaming equipment without breaking the bank.

Man with headphones playing games


High-performance PCs with brand-new GPUs, SSDs and RAM allow students to play confidently.

Gaming set up


Purchasing refurbished PCs reduces the need for manufacturing new products and helps conserve the environment.

Man playing PC Game

Under warranty

Gain peace of mind that your
reliable DMG products receive a one-year warranty guarantee.

Headphone and keyboard


DMG is there to help with technical
support and additional services if you
run into any issues.

Person typing using gaming keyboard

Increasingly accessible

By keeping costs low, your esports
program will become accessible to a wider audience of students.

Gain a competitive advantage.

When you invest in hardware from DMG, you’ll give your program a competitive edge. Empower your teams to stay ahead of the competition and perform at their highest potential.

The DMG refurbished PC line

High-quality equipment from DMG ensures the best possible gaming experience for your students. 

Get in the game.

Unlock robust esports solutions that meet the unique needs of your program with Insight and DMG.

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