Unify your data management

Veritas® data management solutions, available from Insight, deliver a streamlined, centralized solution for enterprise data protection.

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Better protection for the cloud and complex workloads

Together, Insight and Veritas make it easy to scale your data protection strategy to the cloud, giving you the power to choose from 60+ fully tested and certified connectors.

And, you'll unlock cutting-edge protection for big data, hyperconverged infrastructure and open-source workloads with Veritas NetBackup Parallel Streaming Technology.

A flexible approach to cloud data

Now, you can run your critical systems exactly where and how you want to. Veritas simplifies transporting data to or from the cloud, reducing expenses, hassle and workload complexity. And, it eliminates concern about vendor lock-in by letting you work with your cloud of choice.

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Data retention and recovery

With end-to-end, cost-effective data retention solutions, Veritas simplifies maintaining compliance and reducing risks. And, they're compatible with any software or appliance form factor.

Disaster recovery solutions provide additional protection with automated, SLA-driven resiliency that supports your uptime needs.

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Total retention management

Veritas Enterprise Vault streamlines your retention management practices, empowering you to centralize business and regulatory information management. And, you'll gain the ability to scale users and deploy on-premises or in the cloud.