Cisco software adoption services

With Cisco® adoption services from Insight, you’ll realize increased value and new business outcomes with your software subscription.

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We’ll optimize your software lifecycle.

Cisco solutions bolster your security, collaboration, networking and data center. Insight helps your business run smarter. With Insight adoption services for Cisco software, you reap the benefits of both.

Our experts in consulting, professional services, managed services and IT support collaborate closely with you. As your full-service partner, we develop and execute a software strategy that bridges the gap between your budget, your current state and your future goals.

Support at every step

With a range of activities throughout the subscription lifecycle, we create numerous opportunities to maximize the value of your software.


We work with you to identify business needs, desired outcomes and potential roadblocks. Then, we develop a robust strategy for software adoption that addresses all three.

You’ll get access to:

  • Budgeting support
  • Vision workshops
  • Product education
  • Consulting and design


We execute our adoption plan in stages and refine our approach in response to new findings that arise — paving the way for a seamless organization-wide deployment.

To simplify the process, we can provide:

  • Full-service onboarding
  • Introductions to tools and processes
  • Robust implementation services

Monitoring and management

We help you make the most of your new software solution with continuing support and reporting that tracks your movement toward your desired goals.

We’ll continuously improve your software experience through:

  • Management tools
  • Quarterly business reviews
  • Managed services
  • Billing analytics

A team devoted to your needs

As part of the software adoption process, you’ll have access to a personalized team of experts who combine their extensive Cisco experience with an in-depth understanding of your business goals.

Customer Success Manager

As your primary point of contact, your Customer Success Manager will coordinate activities between you, Insight and Cisco to drive a successful adoption process.

Adoption Consultant

A technical specialist, your Adoption Consultant will provide consulting, education and coordination services centered around your ideal business outcomes.

We’ll accelerate your productivity.

Our adoption support helps you make the most of your Cisco software. You’ll gain tools that meet your business needs and guidance that helps your users hit the ground running.


Portal introduction

Let us introduce you to the SmartAccount portal. You’ll learn how to use and administer this centralized, high-visibility license management system.


Vision workshop

We collaboratively determine key outcomes and sketch out workstreams, timelines and milestones to accelerate your progress toward those goals.


Product education

We prepare your team on both the operational and end-user levels. Our workshops, trainings and communications make it easy to embrace change.

Proof of concept

We’ll show you how your Cisco software solution will unlock new benefits for your IT environment, including an improved return on investment.

Annual review

Through analytics and stakeholder conversation, we’ll assess your software consumption each year and make any necessary billing adjustments.

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A full suite of services

You’ll get everything you need to start optimizing your software solutions with our basic adoption services — but we don’t need to stop there. Our expert teams can provide extra support in evaluating, planning, deploying and running your software environment.

Along with our foundational offerings, we can deliver:

  • Robust assessments
  • Integration and customization
  • Design and implementation
  • Operational services
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Realize new business outcomes.

Implementing new software solutions can be daunting, but it also creates an opportunity to pursue growth and modernize processes. Choosing Insight as your Cisco software partner gives you access to deep expertise and broad technical resources that make the journey easier.

As a result of our adoption methodology, you’ll see increased business agility, improved operational efficiency, easier IT transformation and enhanced customer experiences.

Our team

Amanda Dalzell

Amanda Dalzell

Cisco Software and Customer Success Leader

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Jennifer Tilton

Cisco Software Sales and Marketing Manager

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Veronica Scully

Cisco Software Operations Manager

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Andy Mitchell

Customer Success Manager

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Chris Hooten

Collab Specialist / Customer Success Manager

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Rob Inman

Customer Success Manager

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Anthony Mai

Business Development Manager - Success Tracks