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Improve processes and interactions.

Applications perform a multitude of functions. Businesses invest in apps to increase revenue and optimize processes, and consumers lean on apps for comfort and convenience. Our deep enterprise application development abilities will help — no matter your audience or goals.

We’ll work with you to create meaningful and impactful tools that link to tangible benefits, improvements and cost savings.

The right platform for your needs

Complex processes and specific outcomes make every application unique. Our technologists, strategists and developers have expertise in multiple platforms to align each solution with the proper platform.

Cloud applications

Take advantage of public cloud features that improve software and infrastructure development. Leveraging the cloud can help you reduce costs, simplify support and streamline management.

Open-Source Software (OSS)

Keep your applications portable, scalable and cloud-agnostic with OSS. We have more than two decades of OSS experience and can evaluate your business and architecture and determine how OSS can help.

Web & mobile applications

Create smart, engaging, seamless experiences across desktop, tablet and mobile devices. We optimize for ease of use, using new and emerging technologies to develop the most engaging solutions.

Immersive technology

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are creating new opportunities for businesses to differentiate. Immersive environments provide memorable customer interactions and reduce risk.

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Leverage Azure to modernize your applications.

Azure® tools, including Azure Kubernetes Services, App Services and Azure Databases, enables your IT team to focus on developing capabilities instead of managing infrastructure and performance. Azure supports rapid code packaging, deployment and scale, so you don’t have to rewrite existing code or rebuild underlying infrastructure.

Awards & recognition for application innovation

IoT Innovator Award
for Insight's Connected Platform solution

Awarded in 2020

Cloud Application Development Specialization

Awarded in 2021

Innovation U.S. Partner of the Year

Awarded in 2022

Modernization of Web Applications to Azure Advanced Specialization

Awarded in 2020

Microsoft US Application Innovation Partner of the Year

Awarded in 2021

U.S. Partner of the Year

Awarded in 2020

Worldwide Customer Experience Partner of the Year

Awarded in 2020

Worldwide Solution Assessments Partner of the Year

Awarded in 2020

Reimagined from the ground up

As tools age, companies layer new functionality over an archaic interface without considering its long-term health. We rethink your tools and ensure performance only gets better over time.

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Enhanced security

Consumers and employees trust your business with their sensitive data. We safeguard this information with modern protection measures.

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Faster speed

Work uninterrupted with tools designed to operate smoothly. Steady connection and quick load speed save time, effort and frustration.

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Consolidated systems

We eliminate duplication and unify disparate systems into one centralized site, so you don’t waste time searching for the right location.

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Hit the ground running in one of our engagements.

Modernizing your applications is hard work. Insight can help. Learn how our team of experts help you achieve your ambitious IT goals in our workshops and assessments, including:.

  • Application Modernization Strategy Workshop
  • Apps and Modernization Align Session
  • Mobile app development

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Analyst report

What does IT innovation look like in 2023?

From modernizing technology to addressing existing limitations, organizations are focused on delivering change.

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End-to-end capabilities

When you partner with Insight, you get true expertise at every stage in the design process — from ideation to implementation. Our competencies include:

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Deep relationships with 3,500+ hardware, software & cloud partners

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Native & cross-platform

Technology-agnostic approach customized to every client’s needs

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Global reach and local presence with operations in 19 countries

Development icon

End-to-end development

Product delivery capabilities from conceptualization to deployment

Design icon

Design services

Human-centered design expertise and a proven execution framework

Continuous services icon

Continuous services

App management and continuous support for the entire lifecycle

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Modern apps in action

Toward sales enablement

A global healthcare products manufacturer partnered with Insight to build a compatible, portable, asynchronous app with modern design.

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Fast customer response

A global insurance company implemented an app to improve field enablement for workers, eliminate paperwork and engage users better.

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Simplified diabetes treatment

Groundbreaking medical research resulted in a touch-screen app that helps healthcare providers control a glucose-monitoring device.

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Personalized apps to serve every audience

Personalized apps have become an integral part of business. Users expect flawless functionality and intuitive use. We tailor each app to its purpose.

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Workplace applications

Built for performance, these powerful apps integrate automatically with your existing employee profiles for easy identity management.

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Consumer applications

Short attention spans demand quick load times and simple operation. Consumer apps are extensively user-tested to eliminate pain points.

Why modernize apps with Insight?

From ideation to delivery, we do it all. See how our process produces quality backed by a user-centered and design-led interface.

Deep discovery

We focus on minimizing risk and maximizing value. Building an app is a significant investment. That’s why we dive deep into thought and strategy upfront to save you time and money down the line.

Frictionless user experience

Working with both the front-end design and back-end infrastructure, we incorporate as many data sources as necessary to craft the ideal experience. And native development means the content looks perfect on any device.

Evolved over time

The best apps don’t stop after launch. Once we’ve built the first iteration of the application, we analyze and tweak to reach peak performance. We’ll collect data and feedback to identify opportunities for improvement and roll out updates on time and on budget.

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Accelerated innovation

No matter which modern app solution you want to create, our consulting services will help you envision new digital experiences and provide a roadmap for streamlined development.

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Let’s do big things together.

Innovating is the only way to stay relevant in today’s uber-competitive market. Our unique approach and deep knowledge put you on the path to true innovation.


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