Simpler Microsoft 365 management

Insight and CoreView help you unlock the full value of your Microsoft 365 investment with full oversight over your environment.

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Managing Microsoft 365 permissions, licenses, chargebacks and compliance can be a challenge. Insight and CoreView are here to help you manage the chaos with:

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Simpler onboarding

You’ll maximize your Microsoft 365 investment by optimizing licensing and driving adoption across your enterprise.

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Comprehensive visibility

Real-time insight into breaches and policy violations makes it easy to identify and manage security and compliance gaps.

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Accelerated processes

You’ll turn hours (or days) of work into just a few clicks with a platform that streamlines manual, mundane tasks.

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Leave manual processes behind.

If your IT teams are bogged down with manual reporting and other tedious processes, CoreView can simplify their workflows. From administrative tasks to in-depth reporting, you’ll automate and optimize tasks, freeing up time for strategic business initiatives.

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Professional Edition

Access the optimal mix of robust features and practical tools, giving you full Office 365 management. Features such as role-based access, user-level delegation and extensive reporting provide the visibility you need to manage users in many locations.

With the Professional Edition, you receive alerts for event reporting and changes to the end-user audit log. If you need full-scale compliance reporting, the Enterprise Edition gives you an all-in-one solution.

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Safety and compliance

CoreView immediately alerts you to suspicious activity and ensures you’re up to date on the latest guidance and governance.

Whether you’re out of alignment with ISO, SOC, GDPR or internal policies, or mailboxes are automatically forwarding sensitive information, CoreView closes the security gap.

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Eliminate Microsoft Teams sprawl.

More users create greater challenges in monitoring and managing your Microsoft Teams® ecosystem. With CoreView Perfect Permissions, workflows and administrative delegation, you’ll simplify the process.

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