Gain valuable insights.

SentryOne® solutions help database professionals develop, test, document and monitor SQL Server, Azure® SQL Database and the Microsoft® data platform. Empower a DevOps environment while saving time and resources.

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Robust capabilities

Use the SentryOne platform to monitor
large-scale SQL Server production environments — without performance issues.

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Extreme scalability

Analyze data across your entire architecture — and spot problems
in the SQL database environment and beyond.

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Available expertise

Easily access a large team of Microsoft SQL Server and data platform experts who are focused on

SentryOne SQL Sentry Server

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Accelerate server performance

Prioritize actionable items with SQL Sentry® so your team can prevent data performance crises and focus on strategic initiatives. The dashboard displays an overview of important insights, enabling you to act quickly or zoom in for more details.

You’ll also gain operational efficiencies from features such as real-time and historical performance metrics, integrated query tuning, predictive alerts and automated index defragmentation.

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SentryOne BI Sentry empowers you to monitor, diagnose and optimize SQL Server Analysis Services

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Unleash the power of BI insights

SentryOne BI Sentry empowers you to monitor, diagnose and optimize SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS). With BI Sentry, you gain extensive insight into performance issues, analytics and more. Break through issues and accelerate delivery of business-critical information.

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Optimize data performance.

Prevent business downtime with V Sentry, which provides real-time visibility into the virtual environment that enables finding and fixing problems.

You can also see performance end to end across the entire application stack for efficient root cause analysis.

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SentryOne Windows Hyper-V

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Boost Windows server performance.

Win Sentry simplifies performance monitoring for Microsoft Windows Server, so you can accelerate business processes. The Hyper-V® host dashboard lets you review resource allocation to optimize performance.

Best of all, you can manage data analysis from anywhere, with features such as alerts, performance, event calendar and more. Troubleshoot with confidence.

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Improve agility on Azure.

Now you can address Azure SQL Database performance issues quickly with DB Sentry monitoring. It helps prevent under- and overprovisioning so you can deliver a reliable user experience.

Get access to Database Throughput Unit (DTU) usage, event notifications, top SQL statements, plan analysis, query tuning and more.

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