Be secure with backup and recovery solutions

Axcient streamlines complicated technology with complete business continuity and Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solutions.

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Gain your most resilient IT with Axcient.

Keep your business going with Axcient® solutions, available from Insight. Get the flexibility of software-defined architecture — combined with the power and scale of the cloud. And operate your business at its full potential, without interruption.

You can consolidate your infrastructure and workloads onto a single platform. Knock down costs with an on-demand model. Access every solution you need to run agilely, from backup and recovery to testing and development.

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Affordable disaster recovery as a service

Don’t wait for disaster to strike. Get prepared now. Axcient business continuity and disaster recovery solutions have the ability to take you from catastrophic failure to full IT productivity in less than 60 minutes.

Safeguard your data. Part of being prepared means having a backup and recovery plan. Axcient’s cloud backup and recovery has the power to achieve Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs) and Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) of minutes with near-continuous replication. 

On-demand testing and development

Have confidence in your recovery and continuity system effectiveness. Frequently test your backup plan with one-click, on-demand testing and development environments using real-time data. And cut costs while you’re doing it.

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Secure archiving and compliance

Switching to a consolidated archiving and compliance solution saves you time and drives greater efficiencies in your strategy. Customize your retention policies for regulatory compliance. And access your data 24/7 from a web-based interface.

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Axcient keeps your data secure.

Axcient security is second to none, with comprehensive physical and virtual safeguards for your data and network. With the Axcient security architecture, your data stays secure in the cloud, in the data center and everywhere in–between.

Using AES encryption, Axcient guards your data at all levels, whether in transit or at rest in the datacenter. The Axcient platform also meets the strictest compliance standards across various industries. Click to learn more about Axcient security and compliance.

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Streamlined copy data management

Reduce your data footprint 30x with global data deduplication. Axcient replicates your data just once. Leverage it for other use cases, such as test and development or analytics.

You’re in charge with on-demand.

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Move your applications to the cloud when you’re ready. On-demand services let you move quickly when you want to, versus having to make a commitment up front.

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Confidence in your operations

Business continuity doesn’t have to break the bank. Investing in a solid solution now means your organization can keep operating efficiently, no matter what.

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