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Explore security and compliance features of the industry-leading DocuSign® electronic signature software, available from Insight.

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Trusted security features

DocuSign provides an easy and secure method for customers to sign and send documents in a matter of minutes. DocuSign electronic signatures are legally binding and widely accepted for business transactions around the world.

With security features including tamper-proof storage, reliable document tracking, customizable watermarks, powerful data logging and more, DocuSign helps organizations sign documents safely.

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Credentials you can rely on

DocuSign meets and exceeds many of the most stringent US, EU and international security standards. Tested globally and supported by third-party audit reports, DocuSign is ISO 27001:2013, SSAE 16, SOC 1 Type 2 and SOC 2 Type 2 certified.

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Tamper-proof technology

With DocuSign, all documents are secured within a tamper-evident storage system. Signed documents are digitally sealed with Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) technology, a virtual tamper seal that proves the signature’s validity.

Comprehensive document tracking

DocuSign maintains a comprehensive and automatic log of all document activity, including viewing, printing, sending and signing documents. That means you can stay in the loop with all of your pending documents to make sure customers never miss a signing deadline.

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Proof of completion

As part of the secure DocuSign process, every electronically signed document comes with a certificate of completion. The certificate provides proof of the e-signature to all parties in the transaction, protecting your business in the event of a conflict.

Your personal certificate of completion references information from the audit trail and provides:

  • The names of involved parties
  • Time stamps for signature dates & locations
  • A copy of the completed document
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Automatic disclosure updates

With disclosure updates, you can automatically configure each customer’s electronic record to be compliant with company policy — even requiring signers to consent to the Electronic Record and Signature Disclosure notice.

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Custom watermarks

Secure your documents with your own custom watermark label. The unique watermark is displayed on all pages of all documents until the signing process is complete. With a custom watermark, you can manage versions between drafts and final documents, or create a labeling system to keep projects organized.

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