Maximize your data performance

The IBM® Integrated Analytics System, formerly PureData®, helps you simplify even the most complex analytics challenges.

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IBM integrated analytics system

Fast and efficient analytics

A single appliance integrates data management, server, storage and robust analytics capabilities. You can crunch through serious algorithms in just minutes, enabling you to make fast, smart business decisions.

IBM Integrated Analytics System

Effortless data warehousing

Get started with plug-and-play convenience. Unlike with traditional data warehouses, no indexes are required. The Integrated Analytics System includes software, so you don’t have to worry about additional licensing. And, simple management makes it ideal for organizations with limited IT resources.

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Powered by machine learning

Embedded machine learning delivers high-performance analytics. The system is constructed with Snippet Processing Units (SPUs), storage technology designed for processing large amounts of data. It allows you to write custom analytics functions and get fast answers to complex queries.

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Cloud-ready and built to scale

The Integrated Analytics System combines the capabilities of PureData and Netezza®, resulting in powerful database software. Not only can you extend it to the cloud, but you can also leverage technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT).

The system supports both data analysis and reporting functions. A hardware platform and optimized database query engine work simultaneously to drive efficiencies and reduce costs.

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An easier approach to data

From a pre-configured data warehouse to cloud optimization, the Integrated Analytics System gives you a way to simplify data management and administration. The solution also enables your business to fully analyze data with IBM’s built-in Data Science Experience solution.

Additionally, the system’s machine learning capabilities mean you can stream, analyze and learn from your data in real time. This results in minimal disruptions to existing systems and provides workload portability through a public or private cloud.

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IBM Db2 Warehouse on Cloud displayed on mock laptop

Simplify your path to the cloud.

If you’re interested in moving directly to the cloud, the IBM Db2® Warehouse on Cloud offers a fully managed data warehouse service. It gives you the power to improve and scale your data analytics performance.

Choose databases that are optimized for each particular job. You’ll also benefit from special cloud warehouse pricing and reduced maintenance costs.

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