Next-generation audio

Modernize your connections and improve interactions with colleagues around the globe by leveraging solutions from Insight and Poly.

Woman using Voyager Free 60 earbuds in person

Voyager Free 60

The Voyager Free 60 earbuds help your staff stay connected, productive and entertained. A three-mic array focuses on your voice and minimizes sound so you always come across clearly. And, these lightweight devices have three sizes for all-day comfort.

Leading headset innovation

Get exceptional quality for your important conversations. Poly headsets let you hear and be heard with crystal clarity while tuning out distractions.

Employee using cordless headset

Bluetooth & wireless DECT headsets

Hear and be heard. Quality sound, long-lasting battery and hearing protection deliver seamless collaboration in any environment. Plus, reliable connectivity ensures you can stay productive all day.

Professional using corded headset

Wired USB & call center headsets

Comfortable and easy-to-deploy headsets are a must for dynamic work environments. Your teammates will be able to stay connected so every customer interaction and collaboration session goes smoothly.

Different sizes of Poly Sync Bluetooth speakerphones

Poly Sync solutions

Turn small spaces into powerful conference rooms effortlessly with Poly Sync Bluetooth® smart speakerphones and microphones. By reducing echo and noise, you’ll unlock remarkable sound so everyone can hear and be heard without missing a word. Poly Sync is also battery-powered, so you can stay productive even without a power outlet.

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